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HELD: nervine tincture blend

HELD: nervine tincture blend


A team of 5 nervines for daily nervous system support:::
I’ve brought these Summer blooming herbs all together in Held to create a tincture blend of allies who have so much to offer us in supporting our nervous systems to hold more resilience through times of particular stress or just everyday existing within a pandemic and late stage capitalism. While all these herbs nourish our nervous systems and assist in restoring balance and restfulness in our bodies, like any medicinal plant they also offer so much more. From the heart opening qualities of Motherwort, to the digestive support of Anise Hyssop, to the immune boost from Lemon Bee Balm, to the mild sedative from Catnip and the replenishment of depleted adrenals from Milky Oats – there is so much bodily support found in this blend. And my continual awe + gratitude for these generous plants is held by the understanding that all our body systems are so deeply interconnected! More than we could ever scientifically know (not to mention the interconnections with our energetic and spiritual bodies). All to say, this blend has got you — you are held (yes, you are).


Recommended Use: Take 10 - 40 drops in a glass of water or tea. A higher dose can have a mild, sedative affect, something to keep in mind if desired (in times of insomnia) or if undesired (like before a big presentation). Experiment with dose on days at home to learn your range. This blend is gentle enough to be used in daily routine through times of need and stress.


Avoid in pregnancy: Most of these herbs can cause uterine contractions and encourage menstruation.




Ingredients: *MOTHERWORT (Leonurus cardiaca), *ANISE HYSSOP (Agastache foeniculum), *LEMON BEE BALM (Monarda citriodora), *CATNIP (Nepeta cataria), *MILKY OATS (Avena sativa), neutral grape alcohol (80%), spring water

- *all organically farm grown


Please remember: while these plant medicines are crafted with intentions to support you through times of trauma or stress, they are not meant to replace community support or a good doctor/therapist. If you need help, please seek it. You deserve it.

  • What is Mutual Aid? Who am I "paying forward" to?

    In our attempt to make plant medicines more accessible for all, Seed Medicine Garden sends regular free medicine donations to communities as needs arise. In the past this has included Indigenous activists, youth leaders and trans youth, as well as homeless single mothers, refugees and members of the disabled community. 

    When you "pay forward" 1 or 2 products, you will still receive one (or selected quantity) of your chosen medicine as well as donating the credit for 1 or 2 products to go towards our herbal mutual aid projects.

    There seems to be an increasing call for plant support through these times and we are continually seeking pathways to those who need it most. Please contact us: if you or a community you know is without financial means but needing herbal care.

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