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Seed Medicine

Seasonal, small batch, organically grown and ethically wildcrafted, intuitive folk medicine...

At Seed Medicine Garden (formally 'Seed Apothecary') we craft folk medicine, a healing tradition passed across many centuries, by the people for the people.

We craft our plant medicines seasonally according to what is locally available and intuitively according to which plants are calling out and where we see a need for certain products within our community in 'these times'.

We craft our plant medicines with healing intention, in small batches and by hand to preserve their potency and magic.
The tangible quality this creates simply cannot be replicated by a machine or mass produced.

This means that our products all have limited availability. But as the plants return with each season we will try to make our most beloved medicines for you again.


Most of the herbs that we use are tended from seed to harvest and grown via organic and regenerative methods at the farm.

Some are respectfully and ethically wildcrafted from our local bioregion.
And a very small amount have to be sourced from outside the farm, but always from organic certified Australian-based sources.

We predominantly work with herbs from Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine and our own ancestral lineages. I often get asked why I don't work with native Australian herbs. Multiple times I have asked their permission (for gaining consent from plants is also part of my practice) but I've always received a firm no. I believe that this is because they are not plants from my lineage and therefore, profiting off their use without a direct benefit/connection to their people and the Indigenous people of these lands, would be extractive and harmful rather than healing.

We aim to be as sustainable as possible in creating our goods - always choosing the least plastic possible with packaging of apothecary products (ie. sourcing rubber topped pipettes for our dropper bottles over cheaper plastic topped ones) and using completely biodegradable packing for shipping all your orders. Because we mostly use our own farm-grown herbs this means a huge reduction in transport miles + import resources and we also source local as much as possible - like local organic olive oil, honey and beeswax for crafting medicines.

Our physical apothecary is situated in an old retrofitted shed, right next to the farm.

In this humble space (and sometimes at our kitchen table at home!) we process our medicinal herbs and transform them into the many herbal medicines that you know and love.

This Apothecary space is not currently open to the public but in the future, we hope to make it accessible by appointment.

However, if you attend one of our upcoming workshops you should get to visit and utilise this magical space.


The Farm


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Our Philosophy


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