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Where do you source all of your herbs?

The vast majority of the herbs that we use are grown at the farm through organic and regenerative methods, tended with a lot of intentional care from seed to harvest.
Some are respectfully and ethically wildcrafted from our local bioregion.

And a very small amount have to be sourced from outside the farm, but these are always from organic certifiedAustralian-based sources.

Are your products organic?

While we don't have organic certification at the farm we believe that our herbs are grown even above organic standard.
Read more about our farming methods here to understand how much we care about maintaining the quality of the herbs through organic and regenerative practices and our deep relationship with the soil and plants.

Something I really want is sold out, will it ever come back in stock?

We craft our plant medicines seasonally according to what's available and in small batches/by hand to preserve their potency and magic.
The tangible quality this creates simply cannot be replicated by a machine or mass produced.

This means that our products do have limited availability. But as the plants return with each season we will try to make our most beloved medicines for you again.

Can I do a herbal consult with you?
Unfortunately, no. I am a folk herbalist who has studied for over 10 years, but I am not qualified as a clinical herbalist to provide a full consult and subsequent herbal dosages to you. All health recommendations on this website are only suggested uses based off centuries of collective folk herbalism knowledge but we are individuals who all respond very differently to various herbs. If in doubt, don't take it, do your own research and consult a clinical herbalist near you.

Why don't you use more native Australian herbs?

We predominantly work with herbs from Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Vietnamese Medicine and our own ancestral lineages. I often get asked why I don't work with native Australian herbs. Multiple times I have asked their permission (for gaining consent from plants is also part of my practice) but I've always received a firm no. I believe that this is because they are not plants from my lineage and therefore, profiting off their use without a direct benefit/connection to their people and the Indigenous people of these lands, would be extractive and harmful rather than healing. But once we have some more solid farm relationships with Kaurna community, we will review this permission.


What days do you ship parcels?
Currently, orders placed before midnight on Wednesdays, will be packed on Thursdays and shipped on Fridays.

Why can't I select express shipping?
Sorry we are not currently offering express shipping. Due to my present work schedule, balancing mothering and managing the farm I am not able to pack orders on any day of the week. We hope to offer express shipping options in the future. 

Can I do local pick up of products?
We don't currently offer local pick up unless you know me personally (and have my phone number to arrange), since pick up is from our family home. Due to the property arrangement with the landowners, we are unable to offer local pick up from the farm or apothecary.

Read all our information on Shipping & Delivery here


SEED Qs:::

Can I buy seeds from you?

We plan to be able to open seed sales in our online shop here as our community grows. For now, we share many of the heirloom seeds that are grown and saved from the farm through a quarterly 'Seed Club' via our Patreon subscriptions. 
Multiple packets of rare and diverse vege, flower and herb seeds are accessible each season, to all tiers including scholarship.

Read more about Seed Club here.
Or join us on Patreon to access Seed Club now.


Do you have any jobs available at the farm?
We hope to offer more paid positions at the farm and in the apothecary in times to come! Anything that becomes available will be shared via newsletter (sign up below) and our instagram page. Then application forms will be accessible here on our Working Together page.

Can I come and volunteer on the farm for a day?

Our 2022 - 2023 volunteer program is open and ongoing and we are continually field many keen volunteer requests - which we love! But please remember that farming is a highly skilled labour and volunteer training requires a lot of time and energy, so if you don't have previous farming experience then coming for one day actually isn't very helpful, and rather, quite the opposite. This is why we ask volunteers to commit to attending at least 3 volunteer days (currently Mondays) across the Spring-Summer-Autumn growing season. If this sounds like something you're up for, contact us ::: for more information about our volunteer opportunities.

How can I apply to become an intern?

Our internship program for 2022 is currently full and closed.
Sign up for our newsletter below to be notified of when applications for 2023 will open.


Is the farm accessible?
I want Disabled kin to feel welcome, although depending on your access needs the farm currently presents some accessibility challenges.

Currently, the farm is not wheelchair accessible, nor does it have an accessible toilet.

Please contact Keitha at to discuss your individual needs further.

Who is welcome at the farm? 

Seed Medicine Garden aims to be a diverse and inclusive farm offering opportunities for marginalised communities to access healing space to get their hands in the soil and tend to the land. This is a trauma-informed space that welcomes, prioritises and encourages BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) as well as Queer, Trans and LGTBQIA+ community, whose presence is very much needed in South Australian farming circles.

How can I access the farm beyond volunteering, internships and work?

We're not quite there yet but we hope to offer more community + Open Days in the near future.

Sign up for the newsletter below to learn when these will happen.

We also have a series of workshops planned, ranging from seedkeeping to folk herbalism to introductions to soil + gardening. These will be hosted at the farm and adjacent apothecary and will be wonderful opportunities to see, interact with and make medicines from these spaces.

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