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Sweet Annie

Sweet Annie


(Artemisia annua) 

A very tall, pyramid-shaped, sweetly fragrant medicinal plant - one of the most studied herbs during the pandemic for its efficacy in support with viruses and fevers. Will adapt to and thrive in most soils. Foliage can be cut and dried for herbal tea or pleasant smelling flower arrangements.
Also known as Chinese Wormwood or Qing Hao.


Life Cycle: Annual / frost tender

Height: to 1.8m

Position: Full Sun

Sow method: Direct or in trays. 

Sow depth: 0mm, press lightly into soil, keep moist 
- *needs light to germinate* 

Spacing: 30 cm

When to sow:
- Tropical: 
all year round

- Sub-tropical: all year round
- Temperate: Spring to early Summer
- Cold: Spring to early Summer
Germination: 7 - 21 days @ 21C degrees

Notes: Will readily self seed.


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