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Cornflower - 'Ball mix'

Cornflower - 'Ball mix'


(Centaurea cyanus) 

A delightful blend of double and semi-double mixed blooms on tall silver stems, good for cut flowers. Plant as a colourful border around veggie beds, garden edges, in your own wildflower meadow or to brighten dull unplanted strips. Will attract many pollinators!

Edible fresh or dried petals can adorn both sweet and savoury food. Cornflower has a deep folklore and history as a medicinal tea herb.


Life Cycle: Annual / hardy

Height: to 80cm.

Position: Full Sun

Sow method: Direct or in trays. 

Sow depth: 5mm

Spacing: 20 cm

When to sow:
- Tropical: 
Spring, Autumn and Winter

- Sub-tropical: Spring, Autumn and Winter
- Temperate: Spring, Late Summer and Autumn
- Cold: Spring, Late Summer and Autumn (frost tolerant)
Germination: 7 - 14 days @ 15 - 18C degrees

Notes: Pick regularly to encourage further flowering.
Will readily self-sow when let go to seed. 


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