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Herbal Broth Blend

Herbal Broth Blend


For food as medicine + medicine as food:::

The beauty of folk herbalism is that in our daily ritual and use of herbs the lines between food + medicine can and do often blur.
This herbal broth blend was created with this intention in mind, to help these incredibly nourishing herbs become a staple part of your diet and routine for ongoing preventative medicine. Add to the base of your soup, dahl, curry or stew. Or simmer along with your
bone broth or veg/mushroom broth, to be sipped in the morning or evening, or a splash added to meals. Across these several herbs most of your essential vitamins and minerals are covered; immune system resilience is strengthened; joint, skin, hair and nail health can be improved and intestinal health and gut flora supported. Basic studies into any of these individual herbs will excite you with how many herbal actions each offers.
They are all safe enough to be enjoyed generously and shared regularly and can nourish all ages. May your broth pot bubble with everyday magic.


Suggested Use: Take a small handful and throw in as is for a fun looking soup, or put into a small cotton/muslin bag to take outafter cooking if you would prefer a clear broth. Simmer herbs for at least 1 hour, can be longer.Each 27g pouch will have 1 to 4 serves depending on the size of your broth pot.


Caution: This will be a nourishing broth blend for pregnant and lactating people, but caution very high, concentrated doses in pregnancy.


Ingredients: *NETTLE (Urtica dioica), *CALENDULA (Calendula officinalis), *RASPBERRY LEAF (Rubus idaeus), *BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium lappa), *MARSHMALLOW ROOT (Althaea officinalis), *ROSEHIPS (Rosa canina) - *all organically grown


2 sizes:

- Small 27g biodegradable pouch sample

- Large 60g bag


  • What is Mutual Aid? Who am I "paying forward" to?

    In our attempt to make plant medicines more accessible for all, Seed Medicine Garden sends regular free medicine donations to communities as needs arise. In the past this has included Indigenous activists, youth leaders and trans youth, as well as homeless single mothers, refugees and members of the disabled community. 

    When you "pay forward" 1 or 2 products, you will still receive one (or selected quantity) of your chosen medicine as well as donating the credit for 1 or 2 products to go towards our herbal mutual aid projects.

    There seems to be an increasing call for plant support through these times and we are continually seeking pathways to those who need it most. Please contact us: if you or a community you know is without financial means but needing herbal care.

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