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Lemon Balm Elixir

Lemon Balm Elixir


To bring sweet joy in its many forms :::
To work with Lemon Balm feels like an invitation to work with sweet joy, in its many forms. My encounters with this fragrant beloved always bring forth a childish energy, one of curiosity, playfulness and a childlike joy that we too often relinquish as adults. With the heaviness of the human world and all that we carry as we navigate times of climate crises and ending genocide calling in whatever sweetness we can, along with the ability to giggle, be curious and make space for play again feels needed – not as an excuse to bypass or avoid the work ahead which will need all of us in our own respective roles - but as a means of seeking vital balance along the way. Remember that collective liberation will be lifelong work and our collective joy is part of our resistance against the toxicity of harmful systems. Lemon Balm’s name Melissa references their affinity with bees (take heed of any plants that bees love) and officinalis hints at their official status as a long revered healing herb and has even been called the elixir of life because of its reputation for strengthening the immune system and promoting long life. They are also a powerful anti-viral to call on during flus and offer support to the digestive system as well as the nervous system – bringing merriment to the heart, shifting melancholy + anxiety and acting as a strong antidepressant. It’s a happy plant. I used to get my young students to smell Lemon Balm or give them a leaf to nibble when they needed a little more joy. Three of Lemon Balm’s medicine forms have been blended in this elixir – Tincture, Hydrosol and Flower Essence, capturing various alcohol + water soluble properties as well as energetic properties in this trinity. Balm means “fragrant, to lessen the pain, soothe, heal” so may this Lemon Balm elixir bring this soothing medicine to you in many forms.


Recommended Use: Take up to one dropper full directly on your tongue when needing to shift melancholy and heaviness or when calling in calmness, curiosity, play and joy.

Contraindications: Lemon Balm may interfere with thyroid treatments so do not recommended if you're taking thyroid hormones.


NOTE: Lemon Balm is a safe herb for all ages. Although some folks choose to not give honey products to babies under 1 year old.


Ingredients: organically grown Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) in three forms – Lemon Balm TINCTURE extracted in neutral grape alcohol (95%), Lemon Balm HYDROSOL distilled with spring water and Lemon Balm FLOWER ESSENCE preserved in spring water + brandy. Blended with local wildflower honey.


50ml dropper


Please remember: while these plant medicines are crafted with intentions to support you through times of trauma or stress, they are not meant to replace community support or a good doctor/therapist. If you need help, please seek it. You deserve it.

  • What is Mutual Aid? Who am I "paying forward" to?

    In our attempt to make plant medicines more accessible for all, Seed Medicine Garden sends regular free medicine donations to communities as needs arise. In the past this has included Indigenous activists, youth leaders and trans youth, as well as homeless single mothers, refugees and members of the disabled community. 

    When you "pay forward" 1 or 2 products, you will still receive one (or selected quantity) of your chosen medicine as well as donating the credit for 1 or 2 products to go towards our herbal mutual aid projects.

    There seems to be an increasing call for plant support through these times and we are continually seeking pathways to those who need it most. Please contact us: if you or a community you know is without financial means but needing herbal care.

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