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Marigold, African - 'Hawaii'

Marigold, African - 'Hawaii'


(Tagetes erecta) 

An annual, hardy, drought tolerant heirloom marigold cultivar with the brightest orange, fluffiest large, double blooms. An edible flower with antibacterial medicinal qualities and much cultural significance in Mexico where it is native. String them up as garlands to adorn your home or special occasion, dry for tea + food adornment or enjoy as a natural dye plant.


Life Cycle: Annual / frost tender

Height: to 70-90cm.

Position: Full Sun

Sow method: Direct or in trays. 

Sow depth: 5mm

Spacing: 30 cm

When to sow:
- Tropical: 
all year round

- Sub-tropical: all year round
- Temperate: late Winter - early Summer
- Cold: Spring
Germination: 7-10 days @ 24C degrees

Notes: Pick regularly to encourage further flowering.
Protect from snails and slugs especially as young seedling.


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