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Olive Leaf Oxymel

Olive Leaf Oxymel


for immune support :::

An oxymel is another very old folk remedy made from apple cider vinegar and honey in a 1:1 ratio to create a delightfully sweet and sour tonic that supports respiratory issues and immunity building. With added Olive Leaf this oxymel is a powerful immune system ally. We've received many testimonies of this olive leaf oxymel being taken at the first sign of a sniffle or throat tickle and then these mild symptoms gone within the day! Olive Leaf can help fight all types of infections as well as reduce inflammation, ease arthritis, lower blood pressure and is touted to help prevent many types of chronic diseases. I can’t recommend this remedy enough for your family medicine cabinet, especially for immune system support through colds and flus.


Suggested Use: Take as needed at the first sign of a cold or flu: take a dropperful, up to three times a day until symptoms recede. If using as preventative medicine: one dropperful a day will aid your body’s resilience greatly.


Note: While this remedy is safe for children to use, some folks choose not to give raw honey products to babies under 1 year old.


Ingredients: Ethically wildcrafted OLIVE LEAF (Olea europaea), organic apple cider vinegar, local raw wildflower honey




Please remember: while these plant medicines are crafted with intentions to support you through times of trauma or stress, they are not meant to replace community support or a good doctor/therapist. If you need help, please seek it. You deserve it.

  • What is Mutual Aid? Who am I "paying forward" to?

    In our attempt to make plant medicines more accessible for all, Seed Medicine Garden sends regular free medicine donations to communities as needs arise. In the past this has included Indigenous activists, youth leaders and trans youth, as well as homeless single mothers, refugees and members of the disabled community. 

    When you "pay forward" 1 or 2 products, you will still receive one (or selected quantity) of your chosen medicine as well as donating the credit for 1 or 2 products to go towards our herbal mutual aid projects.

    There seems to be an increasing call for plant support through these times and we are continually seeking pathways to those who need it most. Please contact us: if you or a community you know is without financial means but needing herbal care.

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