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Poppy - 'Pandora'

Poppy - 'Pandora'


(Papaver rhoeas) 

With petals like delicately painted silk, this very magical poppy ranges from single to double blooms in deep burgundy to pale magenta, with their ethereal petals bringing to mind many mystical worlds.


Life Cycle: Annual / hardy

Height: to 70cm.

Position: Full Sun

Sow method: Direct or in trays. Poppies are known for being difficult to transplant, take extra care if raising seedlings and transferring to the garden.

Sow depth: poppy seeds need light to germinate, sprinkle on the soil surface then press gently. Mist lightly when watering seed.

Spacing: 20 cm

Tropical climates: Spring
Sub-tropical climates: Autumn + Spring
Temperate climates: Autumn to early Spring
Cold climates: Spring (frost tolerant)
Germination: 14-28 days @ 12C degrees

Notes: Pick regularly to prolong flowering. Then let go to seed for it will readily self-sow. For cut flowers - cauterise ends in boiling water or flame to prolong life in vase. 


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