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Poppy - 'Pink Peony'

Poppy - 'Pink Peony'


(Papaver somniferum) 

A dreamily floofy, light pink, double-poppy which invites you to stroke and/or lay your head on, but watch out for the many bees who will be lovingly gathering pollen amongst the petals!

A breadseed variety, grown for their delicious edible seeds traditionally enjoyed in cuisine from Eastern Europe to Asia.


Life Cycle: Annual / hardy

Height: to 100cm

Position: Full Sun to light shade

Sow method: Direct or in trays. Poppies are known for being sensitive to transplant, take extra care if raising seedlings and transferring to the garden.

Sow depth: needs light to germinate, sprinkle on the soil surface then press gently/barely cover. Mist lightly when watering seed.

Spacing: 20 cm

Tropical climates: Spring
Sub-tropical climates: Autumn + Spring
Temperate climates: Autumn to early Spring
Cold climates: Spring (frost tolerant)
Germination: 14-28 days @ 12C degrees

Notes: Pick regularly to prolong flowering. Will readily self-sow when let go to seed. For cut flowers - cauterise ends in boiling water or flame to prolong bloom life in vase. 


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