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Yarrow - 'Cottage Pink'

Yarrow - 'Cottage Pink'


(Achillea millefolium) 

A powerful herb ally to grow in your garden, for protection of boundaries both physical and energetic - long lasting flowers on perennial sprawling clumps of fern like foliage. 'Cottage Pink' is the tallest and most robust of all the Yarrow varieties we grow at the farm, these delicate pink blooms stand on tall, strong stems up to 1m high. Fades to light pink/white as flowers age. A great fresh cut flower and also hold their shape + colour best upon drying.


Life Cycle: Perennial / frost hardy

Height: to 1m

Position: Full Sun

Sow method: best in trays

Sow depth: 0mm, press lightly into soil, keep moist 
- *needs light to germinate* 

Plant spacing: 50cm - 1m

When to sow:
- Tropical: 
all year round

- Sub-tropical: all year round
- Temperate: Autumn to early Summer
- Cold: Spring to early Summer
Germination: 10-14 days @ 18-22 C degrees


See our more on Yarrow in our extended knowing, sowing, growing and seed saving notes on Patreon :::

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